Tour the Loire Valley in our magical cars

The most glamorous members of our team are the cars.

Celestine started life in 1953, with Claudette following in 1956. The first 50 years of their lives are a bit of a mystery, and they have both spent time sitting in barns. Both cars have been totally rebuilt since then, and are regularly maintained by a team of experts.

The Traction Avant first appeared in 1934 and although the exterior appearance hardly changed over the next 23 years there were many technical improvements made. They were the first mass produced front wheel drive monocoque cars, and can be said to be a blueprint for most modern European cars. The interior is spacious, with legroom in the back for even the tallest of people, and three people can fit across the back seat in comfort.

We love driving the cars regularly, and it's amazing how much attention they attract. It seems that every French family has owned one, and it is not uncommon for other motorists to wave or flash their headlights in appreciation. Riding with us in these cars recalls the glory days of motor touring, an experience we love to share.

tour the Loire Valley in our 1956 Citroen Traction Avant Claudette The interior comfort of Celestine A private tour in our 1953 Citroen Traction Avant Celestine