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The Loire Valley Time Travel team are Susan Walter and Simon Brand. Originally from Australia, we toured the world before settling in France and deciding to share our love of the Loire Valley with visitors. Because we are from a different cultural background we notice things that people who were born here just find normal and forget to mention.

On all of our chauffered tours Simon drives the classic cars, while Susan shares her wealth of knowledge about the Loire's history, way of life and natural environment.

I come from a background in farming and hotel management and have always had an interest in the textile arts. I worked for the world's largest heritage and nature conservation organisation for ten years as part of the specialist historic collections care team. I then trained as a wildlife biodiversity surveyor. It is often forgotten that the Touraine has a history stretching back to the first humans, and a mosaic of natural habitats which shelter many rare species.

Susan susan

I was a professional musician for 20 years before relocating to London to teach and design courses in music technology and recording technology at college and university level. I have always liked machinery and am an enthusiastic photographer. I really enjoy just gently motoring classic cars down country roads: there's no rush, most of the things we're going to see have been there for hundreds - if not thousands - of years. They won't disappear if we take 10 minutes longer to get there. For me the ideal speed for sightseeing is 80km/h (about 50mph), and in a classic car other motorists are perfectly willing to just let you travel at your own pace.

Simon Simon

We love showing our corner of France to visitors and work hard to make your day with us special. When not helping people discover the Loire Valley we are restoring an 800 year old house and write a blog about life in France.

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